Liam Heins Programming



lightSABR is a light-weight baseball simulation and prediction tool I started building in Haskell, a functional programming language, in early 2017. This software will be able to use current and past player data to evaluate metrics and predictors of player and team performance, with the goal of providing a user friendly, open source alternative to propreitary software used for sabremetrics. I hope to have an initial official release of the software within the next few months.


Together with my graduate school advisor Mark T. Holder, I wrote a phylogenetics package for producing phylogenetic trees based on morphological data. This program implements parsimony-informative character corrections for usage in likelihood-based tree evaluation and searches.


I am always interested in working with and learning from talented and passionate developers on new projects that will help people solve problems, or just for fun/practice. Contact me at if you have ideas or want to talk.

You can follow my projects at my github page